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Friday Feature 9.9.16 – Influence of Women


Check out this week’s most popular article from Monday’s post:

Why Man and Woman Are Not Equal

I went with the title “Influence of Women” because reading this article will make you think about how women influence men, and always have. Please read the article for yourselves. Then find below a few comments of mine.

1. Always, exceptions exist.

Of course some young men do quite well without a woman or without the immediate prospect of marriage. We should always make sure we check our discernment when reading an article.

2. The first step in weakening her power is…

The boldness of this statement (you can find it in the last paragraph of the article) challenges thinking for sure. I embrace the fact that women have a very powerful influence on men and in society. I appreciate the author stating things with great clarity.

3. True for me!

I cannot imagine if I did not marry in my early twenties. God used Julie to do quite a work in helping me get settled into adulthood.

Think. Could this article encourage any young men you know? Or could it encourage any specific women?

Act. Perhaps use this to encourage some younger people in your life or at the very least let it challenge the way you view gender.

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