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Friday Feature 9.6.13 – We Don’t Need A Cool Youth Pastor

Here’s an article about a guy who truly has enjoyed the Lord’s blessing – then made a series of immature blunders.

When the Popular Youth Pastor Gets Arrested Again

After you’ve scanned the article, here are a few of my comments:

1. Do not doubt people’s salvation because they sin.

I hate it when people latch on to one season, one episode, or even in this case a season of sin, and use it as ammunition to question someone’s salvation.  I hate it when my immature heart does the same thing!

Is Matt Pitt a Christian? Well, that’s not up to you and me to decide.  We are, however, called to hope for and believe the best is possible as he moves forward.

2. Love hopes all things.

What are we to do? Sit on our private throne of judgment and shake our heads: “Ahhh, I told you, just another immature youth pastor.” If that’s your view, you need to go to the one who really is on the throne. Love hopes for the best for Matt Pitt, and we can all pray godly people will come around him and help him build a better foundation moving forward.  He certainly has a strong testimony of God’s power and we should desire to see that come out in the future!

3. The wise man built his house upon the rock.

We know this children’s song. But after reading this article, doesn’t it really ring true? Friends, build your life on Christ and His promises.  Especially for those of us in leadership, we have to know that our ministry will never be bigger than the God we serve. Let’s strive to point people to His truth more than to our ministries!

Think. Would it be easy to get caught up in the emotion of a movement that large?

Act. If there are people in your life who seem to have a lot of potential as leaders, come alongside as a friend and mentor and help point them in the right direction!

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