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Friday Feature 9.4.15 – Where Christian Films Fall Short


This review of War Room helps believers identify what might be missing from not only this film, but the typical Christian film in general.

Monday’s readers have made this link Friday’s Feature. Check it out here:

“Lazy Writing, Cheap Restoration”

I don’t have much to add here, but let me emphasize a few areas of agreement.

1. Hiding struggles hides depth.

Hiding struggles is the same thing as “faking it” from Sunday to Sunday. I don’t want a cheap movie anymore than I want “Sunday only” Christianity. Only when struggles are shared can the believer find traction in overcoming them. That takes grit and depth often lacking in these films.

A Christianity as shallow as the water shown in the above picture does no one favors.

2. Love hopes all things.

You might hear that line from me from time to time. I do have hope that the genre of Christian films can get better. The article gives this film its due in progress made.

We should also be so charitable about the efforts of fellow believers, even if they don’t live up to the best of standards.

Think. Are poorly researched and developed characters acceptable in portraying a film on prayer? Why or why not?

Act. Let a film like this and this particular criticism challenge how you interact with God and others. If you don’t like shallow, then don’t be shallow in your theology or practice!


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