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Friday Feature 9.27.13 – How to Meet A Woman’s Four Basic Needs

As a man, this is a challenging post.  I encourage men and women of all ages to have a look:

A woman’s four basic needs and the ways they are met.

I do encourage you to read the article.  Once you’ve done so, here are a few additional comments:

1. Theology

Big surprise coming here, but I think it is really important to know God’s characteristics. If you didn’t have any accurate view of who God is, this article wouldn’t make any sense. But, if you have a view of God who made Adam (literally created a real person) as one who would labor to provide, then it’s a big difference.  Read Genesis 2-3 to get an idea of what God is doing with men and women.

2. This does not mean women are weaklings.

Let’s be serious.  This doesn’t mean that for women it’s all fluff and Oprah. I know some women who are incredibly tough. It’s not about physical strength.  It’s about spiritual position. And, men who make women feel secure not only honor God but put their wives in a great position to succeed.

3. Men – pursue godly living! And, get whatever accountability you need.

Asking your wife to read this article is a good start. Or, if you’re a single guy, talk this over with a married guy and ask how you can prepare to do these things.  Some of them will be obvious.  So, men, seek out every way you can to spiritually and physically care for your wife with a love that is both maturing and securing. Be willing to admit your faults and ask God to give you growth in those areas.


Men – In what areas would you need to grow?

Women – How can you encourage your man to grow in the way he is loving you and making you feel secure?

ACT. Do your best to honor God with the role God has given you according to your gender. Pray like crazy and live for Jesus. Others will see it and know there is something different about you!


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