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Friday Feature 9.26.14 – It’s Not Weird for Men to Have Close Friends

Here’s the most clicked article from Monday’s post:

The Homophobic Bogeyman – by Aimee Byrd

After you’ve checked out the article, here are a few of my own thoughts:

1. Social media dilutes the idea of friendship.

I appreciated the author’s thoughts here that friendship is limited to Facbebook or Twitter associations or followers. Ask yourself this: Does spending actual time in actual care and conversation with someone else seem weird? Why?

The bottom line is it shouldn’t.

2. Re-learning friendship may be necessary.

If spending time developing real, meaningful relationships with the same sex raises a red flag and invites a “gay” label, then something is really wrong. Really. Wrong.

In order to re-learn friendship I’d encourage spending less time on social media and more time learning how to relate to actual human beings in real social settings.

3. You can’t be friends with hundreds of people.

A pastor is always in a precarious position. He can invite criticism by spending too much time with certain people.

Well,  just as it’s impossible for a pastor to be friends with everyone in their church, so it’s impossible for anyone else to have relationships with hundreds of people all at once.

Without building up walls, take the risk of getting to know a handful of people well. And don’t be afraid of what others think, or false labels they may place on you when you do what most of humanity routinely did before social media was invented.

Think. What is your concept of friendship? Have you thought it through lately?

Act. Take one the author’s suggestions, my suggestions, or use your own.


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