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Friday Feature 9.25.15 – A Woman’s Desire To Be Desired


Good Friday afternoon. Today, let’s shine the light on the article that got the most attention from Monday’s post:

The Desire to Be Desired – by Ed Welch.

I’m not a woman. I claimed that Monday. It hasn’t changed. I assume Ed Welch isn’t a woman either, so here we have the awkwardness of men writing about women.

But, I’m not afraid of it. Regardless of who wrote it, the challenge remains practical.

A couple summary thoughts:

1. Repentance.

I love how the article points women struggling with this certain genre of literature, or the base desire featured in this type of literature, to God.

The answer to any problem we have begins with repentance. We MUST see things accurately, so I pray God grants repentance in this specific sin and all others men and women face.

2. Base desires.

This article also challenges base desires humans have. God always shows us how His Word can govern our desires. Sadly, twisting these desires comes way too easy for us.

Some honesty regarding desires as found in this article is helpful. Lord, help us match our desires with yours!

Think. Male or female, how do our private desires line up with God’s Word?

Act. Take proactive steps to destroy sinful patterns of thinking or longing. Confess. Open up to others. Most importantly, long first and foremost for God!

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