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Friday Feature 9.20.13 – Why Men Have Stopped Singing In Church

This article got the most clicks from Monday’s readers, so I’ll feature today as Friday’s Feature article. The blog itself is really neat to poke around if you have some time, but for today check this out:

Why men have stopped singing in church.

After you read the article (it won’t take long), here are a few thoughts:

1. History lesson.

Did you appreciate the history lesson? I vehemently disagree with some of the roots of singing that are exposed here, but at least it’s helpful to understand some of the past.

2. Technology can help (or hurt).

Seems like technology can help or hurt worship singing. Printed lyrics were useful (as opposed to none). I’m sure screens are useful for projection of sound, but they also can stifle the use of harmony. Give and take when it comes to technology, I guess.

3. I don’t think screens = mutes.

It takes some thought but there are songs that are well known, and the average new-comer can pick up music fairly easily. I also think that lack of consistent attendance can hurt learning new songs.  If someone is only there a couple Sundays a month it reduces the chances they will have repetition with any song (screen OR book).

Those are a few thoughts. I hope they inspire yours.

Think. Do you participate in musical worship? Is it easy for you to adapt?

Act. Do your best to participate in singing as much as possible.  It’s something we see in both Old Testament and New Testament worship. It is a big encouragement to those who regularly attend and those who don’t.  Lots of participation means a strong, consistent, unified voice of praise to God.

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