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Friday Feature 9.19.14 – What “Meek” Really Means

Kevin DeYoung wrote a great article about what meekness really means. Read it below: it’s the feature article from this week’s Monday post.

“Blessed are the meek.”

After you’ve read the article, here are a couple comments.

1. Self control, not gaining control.

I do think meekness at times must admit that things are out of our control. I guess that’s what DeYoung means when he wrote about being completely submissive to God’s will.

So, when things are out of control, can we maintain self-control? That’s meekness.

2. Going after your enemies – in meekness.

If we confront opposition or evil with biblical meekness, we do so more out of compassion than out of high emotion or revenge. Think about that for a minute. If your first thought is that we should kill everyone opposed to us, drill into Christ’s response: “Father, forgive them” as he was being murdered. Hmmm….

These little tidbits certainly don’t capture the whole Bible message, but “blessed are the meek” should speak into our hearts when we want to respond outside of Scriptural guidelines.

Think. Is your meekness like that of Christ?

Act. Speak and respond to opposition or disagreement with a heart for truth rather than revenge.

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