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Friday Feature 9.18.15 – Do You Worship Sports?


What a good question. What a good article. Monday’s readers made the following article Friday’s feature:

Football, Attitude, and Idolatry

I think this article transcends football to apply to anyone’s involvement with sports in general.

Let me offer a few thoughts.

1. Realize what’s temporary.

This article does a great job of challenging readers to recognize what’s temporary. It may not seem like it, but sports and the results do NOT last forever. You may question that, especially if your friends won’t let you forget about that defeat your team suffered thirty years ago.

But, if we have difficulty separating our passion for sports from our passion for Jesus, something’s spiritually out of line.

2. Events vs. commentary.

A great way for the average sports fan to evaluate comes from a great piece of advice a friend gave me several months ago. He said he sought to focus more on sports events than sports commentary.

With access to information, sports conversation – written and verbal – always lies within our reach. Hours can go by before we realize all that happened was a bunch of speculation and blabbing.

Think. Honestly, is idolatry with sports a problem?

Act. Shut the emotions off when you shut the T.V. off. Those around you will be grateful.

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