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Friday Feature 9.12.14 – What Victoria Osteen Got Right and Wrong

The most clicked link from Monday’s post, not surprisingly, involved the Osteens:

Did Al Mohler just throw happiness overboard?

This article was written in response to Al Mohler’s writing about Victoria Osteen’s controversial remarks. I encourage you to go back to Monday’s post or do your own research into why these comments made such headlines.

After you read David Murray’s response, check out a few thoughts:

1. There ARE personal benefits to worship.

Yes, worship is about God, and for God.  But, it isn’t wrong to know that when we lift Him up, He can often lift us up as well.

2. Have some discernment!

Do the Osteens say things that are encouraging? Helpful? Even challenging? Yes. Is there an element of truth in what they say? Yes. But you should also be willing to admit they get a lot wrong as they help people understand God. Mohler’s article does well to help you think theologically about what they portray.

3. How well do you know the Bible? 

We have a lot of access to controversial teachers and all kinds of information via the internet. Do you know the Bible and what it says about God? Are you able to form your thoughts about God based on what the Bible says rather than just trying to figure out why someone else is wrong? I thought Murray did a great job pointing us in that direction.

Think. Why do people like the Osteens’ teaching so much?

Act. Search those Scriptures, and be able to know what’s right and wrong in what you’re hearing about God and the Bible!


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