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Friday Feature 9.11.15 – When Does Religion Excuse You?


Maybe you’re tired of the Kim Davis story. Maybe you think it’s vitally important to religious freedom. Regardless of your perspective, religious freedom will give many observers plenty to watch in the months to come. In that spirit, an article exploring the Kim Davis case received the most clicks on Monday’s post.

Check it out here: When does religion excuse you from doing your job?

I don’t have tons to add. The article is well presented, full of very helpful information.

Two summary points I find most relevant.

1. A democratic society that can’t find a way to live peacefully through making basic accommodations for people’s beliefs finds itself very close to becoming an autocratic society.

2. This topic is not neutral. It won’t “just go away” now that the Supreme Court has ruled.

Think. If you don’t think religious freedom is under attack, and especially for Christians, then you haven’t read the right commentary. Think about this important issue.

Act. Prepare for meaningful conversations to help people think about the basics of religious freedom.


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