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Friday Feature 8.5.16 – Yes, Global Warming, But…


But what? Good question. Monday’s readers thought so too. Check out this week’s most clicked link:

The Globe Is Warming, But It’s Not Your Fault

I encourage you to get as far as you can in the article (despite the technical language). Reading the intro and conclusion will help.

As usual, I’ll add a few comments below:

1. Discernment.

Do people studying science have an agenda? The scientists at Answers in Genesis will answer “yes”. Not all scientists will. So, the casual reader must ask: what am I reading? Who is presenting the data? Why is the data being presented in the first place?

2. Warming.

Does this article present information in an unbiased way? Does it challenge you to think about warming? Does it honestly present you with facts about climate, and limits inherent in determining historic climate data?

Think. Think for yourself. Gather relevant data.

Act. First, ask yourself what the earth tells us about God. Avoid seeking man’s answers first, but show a willingness to listen and discern.

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