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Friday Feature 8.30.13 – Abortion Contract In A Relationship?

This week, the article from Monday’s post that got the most attention was this one:

Can you define the relationship?

PLEASE, read this article.  It is challenging on many levels.

Then, here are a a few of my thoughts:

1. Self.

Pure and simple.  Many modern minded men are concerned with self.  The line in the article that drew out this dynamic that men want to have sex with women with no regard to the woman or to any potential child is staggering.  We should reject this value outright!

2. Relationship Arrangement.

Also based on self (and NOT on sacrificial commitment), the other types of relationship arrangements mentioned here in this article should help us understand that we are living in a very sinful world.  We are in a world devoid of commitment and should pray that all committed relationships will scream the glory of Jesus into an ever-deafening world.

3. Hope.

Yes, real gospel hope.  The same hope that God offers us through the cross of Christ is the same hope we have for relationships.  People’s hearts and minds can change as repentance grips the human soul. Godly desires replace human ones.  It happens.  How do I know? God has brought it about in my life, and I’d give anything if it would happen in yours!

Think. What is your approach to relationships if you’re already married? Single? Divorced?

Act. Help others challenge their relationship values, and/or have serious conversations and take specific action to safeguard your own!

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