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Friday Feature 8.28.15 – Is There Any Demand For Same Sex Marriage?


After a bumpy summer of blog consistency, this week’s Monday traffic was admittedly low. Nonetheless, I’ll offer up a Friday Feature for those who may enjoy the read. The most clicked link on Monday’s post has Joe Carter asking a good question:

Is there any demand for same sex marriage?

Please, check the article out. Don’t just trust what I have to say. After you’ve read Carter’s logic, go ahead and peruse some of my own thoughts.

1. I know stats can say what they want, but . . .

Alright, I know some who don’t trust stats, as they can be off. Think or a moment. What if these stats were off by huge margins, more than the generally accepted percentage? The author still has a point.

2. Think about the Supreme Court decision.

If you support same sex marriage, do you think the Supreme Court ruling is proportional to the demand from society? Said another way, did the justices respond to a vast outcry from American citizens demanding same sex marriage?

Think. How do you form your beliefs about what is best for society?

Act. Action? Hmmm…first, give some honest thought to your positions. Second, if you oppose same sex marriage, keep looking for ways to point out the facts and do so in

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