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Friday Feature 8.26.16 – Christian Colleges and LGBT


Approaching LGBT’s presents a challenging dilemma for any believer, but perhaps especially so for Christian colleges. This topic drew the most clicks from Monday’s post. Read the article here:

Keeping Faith Without Hurting LGBT students

Please dig through the article and challenge your thinking. Once you’ve done so, see a few of my own comments below:

1. Good information.

You can find good information in this article. Sometimes we struggle just to get our minds around all the many happenings and constantly developing angles of the sexual revolution. Work to pursue good, accurate information.

2. Dissenting views.

I thought the article, written by someone in Christian higher education, brought out challenging points about dissenting views. Can Christian colleges work with students whose views change? Can a society allow that “dissenting” viewpoints actually add healthy elements?

Think. What did this article teach you?

Act. Work to increase your ability to understand the challenges inherent to believers in this ever changing culture. Do you know how you would respond to someone who changed views?

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