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Friday Feature 8.23.13 – You Teach Your Kids To Pray By How You Pray

Every Friday I do a feature on the article that received the most clicks from Monday’s post.  Here is this week’s feature article:

When you pray you teach your kids how to pray.

Here are a few points to emphasize:

1. Slow down.

There is a good encouragement here to slow down.  Life goes by fast sometimes. The quicker I’m thinking about something happening, the more likely I am to feel frustrated or respond without thinking.

2. Recognize opportunity.

I do pray that God will use me to be a lasting influence in the lives of our children.  I often wonder what their memories will be of me. Then, it hits me: I really do have the ability to shape this.  This article was a great reminder of that.

3. Rely on God’s grace.

When we make mistakes or respond quickly (or outright blow it!) we shouldn’t rely on ourselves to make it right.  Jesus died to make it right, so we can ask His forgiveness (and if need be the forgiveness of others) and move one.  Trust may need to be rebuilt, but God is gracious and helps us along. We just need to remember to ask for His help.

Be encouraged and have a great weekend!

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