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Friday Feature 8.16.13 – Are You Needed At Your Church?

Great question, great article.  Today I’m happy to feature an article that should make you think about the local church.

First, check out the article:

Are you needed at your church?

Then, here are a few additional/summary thoughts.

1. We must remember how much church isn’t about us.

We must reject consumer Christianity and do our best to serve joyfully, despite our opinion about how we can best be used. I agree wholeheartedly that service to a church IS like service to a family.  A lot of times it’s un-noticed, dirty, stinky, un-glorious (is that a word?), but very much needed and worth it.

2. An atmosphere of service can develop.

I think every church leader in the land would love to have an atmosphere of service in the local church. Imagine messes being cleaned up, event prep and teardown going smoothly, and maybe even a little money saved just because people are willing to PROACTIVELY lend a hand without being asked.  If you are a part of a group of people who serve like this and you’re new, it won’t take you long to be infected by the culture.

3. What about every day ministry?

I think the author should have said something about every day ministry.  Yes, churches need servants to run meaningful ministries and programs. But, our gifts are designed to be used every day as well as corporately with church members.  We can use the gifts and talents we have and encourage both unbelievers and believers alike simply by the way we live our day to day lives.  In that sense, the thrill of God using us never dies and we are made even more effective in our corporate service.  Just a thought to add to a great article otherwise!

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