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Friday Feature 8.14.15 – Political Correctness and Rudeness


Today’s feature tackles an interesting topic: the balance between avoiding political correctness and being just plain rude. Check out David Murray’s article here:

After you’ve checked out the article, read a few of my thoughts:

1. Is Murray right that PC may not matter?

It seems like Trump’s lack of political correctness fails to sink him. Time will tell, and I will find it fascinating, whether these outbursts will ding his character irreparably.

2. Character is still character, and it matters to me.

I doubt I’d find the willingness to support Trump. His reckless language and insistence that everyone owes him an apology won’t fly in executive political leadership – I doubt that demeanor will lead to much getting done.

Think. Is rudeness a price you’re willing to pay for someone to “shake things up” politically?

Act. Maybe a good read through the Proverbs could help you understand God’s view of character?

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