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Friday Feature 7.3.15 – Topic Feature: Gay Marriage

Supreme Court

I decided against a feature article today. Not that Monday’s post didn’t draw plenty of traffic (it did). But, for those interested readers, my thought is that featuring one of the articles won’t change much thinking or add much emphasis to an already huge (overdone?) topic.

So, today, I’ll just add a few thoughts to the topic as a whole as life moves forward. And yes, life will move forward.

1. I’m glad for the opportunity for the time of clarification. Regardless of position, the issue and resulting conversations definitely reveal how people think.

2. One more time: Just because I disagree doesn’t mean I hate those with whom I disagree. Yes, Christians can be morally opposed to the new institution of gay marriage and respect those of differing viewpoints.

3. I am leery that this will have lingering (potentially devastating) effects on religious freedom. Many people on both sides of the issue do not wish to press into the rights of churches and people of faith. I think, though, it is fair to say some do.

4. Among believers, this issue is not as cut and dry as “the Bible says homosexuality is a sin”. Many believers do not believe that, do not care about the re-defining of marriage, or simply believe in the freedom people should have to pursue whatever relationships they desire.

That’s about it for now.

Think. How have you arrived at your opinions on the topic?

Act. By all means, speak and act with respect no matter your position. Loving our neighbor has nothing to do with focusing on one issue and putting up walls of isolation.

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