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Friday Feature 7.18.14 – 10 Feeling Women Struggle With

This book recap drew the most interest from Monday’s post. Check out the review first here:

Then, here are a few thoughts:

1. A personal testimony.

Looks like this book would be good reading – it’s someone else’s story. It’s one thing when research tells us something. It’s another thing when someone is speaking from their experience.

2. You’re not alone.

Do you ever feel like you’re going through something totally alone, like no one else had ever endured that? I can fall victim to that sometimes, but writing such as this helps women readers understand that these are very common things to all women. What an encouragement that must be – especially because many are not openly talked about.

3. Men should be sensitive to what women are going through.

Yes, I’d feel like I was eavesdropping as well, but it is good sometimes for the guys to read some stuff directed to women just so they get the opportunity to expand their understanding.

Think. Are you able to understand basic things about the opposite sex?

Act. Do your best to encourage and sympathize, even if you can’t. Taking  a stab at learning will definitely help in relationship building, both in marriage and in other relationships as well.

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