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Friday Feature 7.17.15 – White Christians Should Listen to Black Christians


The highest clicked article from Monday’s post shares the distinction as one of my favorites in a while as well. So today’s Friday feature is a good match. Here’s the topic:

Why white Christians should listen to black Christians.

Jemar Tisby makes some challenging parallels between the experience of black Christians and white (as well as other) Christians who feel marginalized by the Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage.

After you’ve read the article, check out a few of my thoughts below.

What it’s like to be marginalized.

Some in culture have accused Evangelicals of having a persecution complex. I certainly don’t want to fall victim to that. I think a word like “marginalized” helps. Persecuted? Yes in some ways. But to have an extended period of influence if not dominance come to and end having harsh terms directed at us, “marginalized” makes a good adjective.

The parallel.

I think the parallel is strong. If this “marginalization” opens our eyes to the plight of black Christians throughout the centuries, then we could certainly count that as a benefit of the recent cultural trends.

I wonder.

Tisby makes a strong case for resistance to slavery (as he should). I always wonder where that point of resistance really lies in any conflict.


The word “listen” should stand out. To me it implies a process. My understanding of another never comes about instantaneously. Though through time, commitment, and conversation, perspectives really can change. First, we must listen.

Think. How can listening to the experiences of black Christians help bring you understanding of the current cultural climate toward those with a traditional belief in marriage?

Act. Well, it’s a bold step isn’t it? Acting on this one involves intentionality. Reading. Meeting. Prodding. Waiting. Going outside the comfort zone. Are white Christians ready to listen?

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