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Friday Feature 7.11.14 – Will the Abortion Industry Self-Destruct?

Here is the #1 clicked article from Monday’s post:

When the abortion industry self-destructs.

I posted the title of this feature as a question while featuring an article that treats it as a statement. I’m challenging you to evaluate.

A few of my own thoughts:

1. I think the internet is helping people understand political motives.

Yes, the internet brings bad information, but it also brings the ability to distribute good information. Understanding people’s motives is not too difficult with so much information available. I’d say the same about other political agendas – it’s hard to hide connections and true motives.

2. Discern: do people think critically?

As compelling as the DG article is, I fear people don’t think critically enough. That said, knowing that stats are shifting in favor of life does give me some hope that people are listening and thinking.

3. Does confusion cause you to mistrust?

If someone you loved was involved in a cause that sent confusing messages, would you be concerned? If you’re pro-choice and you read this, how does it sit with you? Do you have good answers to the questions raised?

I’m not so naive that I don’t think anyone on the pro-life side has done confusing things (such as murdering abortion doctors!?!?!), but in what deserves to be a national conversation, good questions deserve clarification.

Think. Can you discern information well? Do you think the abortion industry will self-destruct?

Act. Continue to promote the God-honoring cause of life. Be willing to answer difficult questions, and seek answers when opponents promote confusion.

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