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Friday Feature 6.5.15 – Church: When Your Heart Isn’t In It


A quick challenge piqued Monday’s readers’ interest. Click Friday’s feature article for a good read about our attitude in worship:

When Your Heart Isn’t In It

After you’ve read the article, check out a few of my own thoughts below:

1. God – don’t communicate with me!

When we try to avoid church, that’s what we say. This article did a good job of bringing out the reality that emerges from church avoidance.

2. The cold hearted believer.

It would do us well to admit that not every Sunday is filled with great anticipation to gather for worship. It would also do us well to exercise compassion on those for whom this temporary reality lingers into a season.

3. The Holy Spirit.

If we rely on anything but the Holy Spirit to kickstart our hardened spiritual hearts, we have it wrong. Holy Spirit, help when we struggle. Breathe new life into us! The quote in the article itself helped immensely. Check it out!

Think. How will you approach worship this Sunday? Or, will you try to avoid it?

Act. Pray and reach out to someone you haven’t seen in a while. Maybe they’re struggling and they need a warm voice inviting them back.

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