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Friday Feature 6.3.16 – Grieve and Receive Special Needs


Read this week’s most clicked article from Monday’s post:

Grieve and Receive the Gift of Special Needs

Friday’s feature article this week gives readers exposure to a topic very difficult to process, even if it impacts one’s life directly: special needs. Please, read the article. The opening illustration alone makes the article worth the read.

Then, a few of my thoughts:

1. God

Yes, God. I believe God can use my broken, sinful self for His glory. Why then, wouldn’t I believe that God can use humans with broken body parts, development, or functioning for His glory?

God CAN and DOES redeem sin and its results. I am NOT saying special needs individuals are the result of specific sin, simply the result of our broken, sinful world in general. God’s redeeming purposes can bring much comfort to us and glory to Him!

2. Grieving and receiving.

This really challenges me. I often grieve our special needs daughter’s condition. Her lack of development will affect the rest of her life. It hurts to watch. Like any tragedy, any breakdown, any loss, I grieve this reality as less than God’s intended purposes.

But to receive these needs as God’s gift gives such a great perspective! We know that in many ways individuals with special needs truly represent the most unique gifts God can give and bring much value to the lives they influence.

Think. How do you think about stunted development in humans, or especially children?

Act. Challenge yourself to look for God’s gifts in all situations, no matter how difficult.

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