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Friday Feature 6.14.13 – 25 Ways Men Can Be Servant Leaders

Mondays I post a bunch of articles.  Friday I feature the article that Monday’s readers clicked the most.

This Friday’s Feature: 25 ways men can be servant leaders.

This is definitely worth the read. After you’re read through the list, check out a few thoughts I had:

1. Servants remove burden.

When men fulfill the roles they have, they remove burden from others.  Women and children are not supposed to have the same burden that men are supposed to have.

So many of the things on this list fall into that category.  Men – God can empower you to own this burden with great joy!

2. Love a woman (your wife!) and empower her spiritually.

Several of the burdens focus on women.  Love a woman.  Provide for her.  Empower her spiritually.  Create an environment where she can thrive. Help her study the Bible (help her make time to study the Bible) and set the tone for growth in your home!

3. Be realistic.

Life and marriage aren’t the same in all seasons.  Recognize that and encourage those in your family through the various times.  If you’re selfish about change, your family will follow suit and you’ll have a clan of people failing to respond to the reality of changing seasons.

THINK – Men, what is one specific step you can take.  A list of 25 things seems overwhelming, so focus in on one step.

ACT – Communicate that step to someone else and make a plan to follow through. Or try this: Show this article to your wife, parents, or someone significant and ask which ones they think you can improve upon.

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