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Friday Feature 6.10.16 – Parenting: “The Talk”


The most clicked link from Monday’s post? This one right here:

Parents shouldn’t miss the importance, especially in today’s sex-crazed society.

Take a look at what the article offers. Then, see just a couple thoughts I’d add for today:

1. Parents seeking help can find solid resources easily.

With a couple clicks and a couple bucks, these parenting resources can make their way onto your devices. Just think about that for a minute. Internet services can deliver an entire book to your device within seconds.

How many excuses do parents have NOT to read and research?

2. I probably don’t know about as many resources as I should.

I like to read blogs and I read this particular one almost daily. Pastor or not, shouldn’t we all have some “go to” resources on some specific topics of interest?

3. When it comes to “the talk”, I prefer ongoing conversations rather than event.

Unfortunately, media (even the nightly or morning news) provides ample opportunity to talk about why our culture believes what it believes. That doesn’t turn every morning into dad’s moral lessons class, but it doesn’t mean we as parents won’t ask the occasional question to explore and guide our kids’ thinking.

Think. These topics won’t just handle themselves. What’s your plan?

Act. You might begin by prayer. Ask God’s leading. Ask for courage. Speak truth!

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