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Friday Feature: 50 Shades and 7 Lessons Learned

Mistakes-Precious Life Lessons

I’m glad readers are taking in some information about 50 Shades. I’m sad that it’s a part of life in American culture, but glad to help educate. This week’s most clicked link now morphs into this week’s Friday Feature.

Check out Tim Challies’ seven lessons learned from 50 Shades of Grey.

Then, check out a few of my own thoughts:

Full disclosure: I have only read of the plot. I have neither read the book nor have I seen the movie. Please take my commentary with a grain of salt.

1. I’m most shocked this is in the church.

I’m not applying this to our local church per se. Although, we are a local church and if this type of thing is “in the church” then I’d be naive to think people in our church weren’t checking it out.

If you’re a church going or a proclaimed Christian and you’re into this stuff, heed the advice to do some soul searching as to why such an ungodly portrayal of a sexual relationship appeals to you.

2. Men talking about women proves awkward, but . . .

Challies writes about the types of ungodly things stirring in women as they seek out material such as 50 Shades.

While awkward, “unfair” doesn’t apply either. God’s Word and standards belong to Him alone – the person telling them matters not.

I’m a little squeamish on this one, but men and women alike must check their hearts when it comes to God’s design for relationship and love. BOTH come under temptation to pervert God’s plans – saying this brings the picture into clear focus.

3. What positive values take the place of 50 Shades?

Simply, imagine a man who values women too much to treat them like the woman is treated in this plot. A man striving to love his (life long, committed, loving) honors her in a way this approach perverts.

Think. Does it shock you Christians would struggle with this?

Act. Stir healthy conversation and check your heart!

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