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Friday Feature 5.9.14 – Netflix and American Despair

Here’s the most clicked article from Monday’s post:

Netflix and Good Ol’ American Despair.

This is a good article that should challenge us.

1. Can you relate?

I get frustrated with kids who scroll seemingly longer than they watch. So, I force them to make a decision and get to it.

2. Do we feel like we’re missing something?

It’s a good question. How much do you value having to watch the “right movie” or “right show”? Do you wonder what everyone else is watching? Do you watch what will keep you in certain conversations with certain people?

3. The real encouragement is to let Christ center you.

In relationships, every day events, culture, parenting, and entertainment choices, the epidemic is to let approval of others (or perceived approval of others) center you. If you are “centered”, or affirmed, by what you think someone else will think of you, then the peace of Christ is not ruling in your heart as it should.

Think. Does this describe you? Can you relate to the endless feeling of disapproval for the choices you make? Even if the “disapproval” is imagined?

Act. Try this: make a choice and try to enjoy what you watch. Have a good discussion about it. Stick it through, and don’t be overwhelmed by the perception that you are missing something. How about letting peace rule in your heart and not wondering what others would think of what you’re doing?

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