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Friday Feature 5.8.15 – Why Not Gay Marriage?

Supreme Court

In June it is likely that gay marriage will be the law of the land. It would be more of a shock if the Court didn’t rule that way.

In the meantime, those opposed to gay marriage are labeled intolerant bigots.

This week’s feature article (clicked by the most Monday post readers) gives the reader a chance to think through what marriage is, and why gay marriage shouldn’t become law.

Read “Why Not Gay Marriage?” – by Kevin DeYoung.

Then, see some of my thoughts below.

1. Think.

If you’ve heard all of the arguments for gay marriage, are you able to think in a rational way about arguments against it?

2. Definition of marriage.

I think one of the strongest points to consider in this debate (for both sides) is this: if gay marriage becomes law, then there is still some form of relationship that is not considered marriage. Marriage excludes. If this re-definition happens, then something will still NOT be marriage. When would re-defining marriage end?

3. Family.

I urge you to consider family as a primary reason the state sanctions marriage. The basic arguments DeYoung makes should give any believer, and indeed nonbelievers, pause before saying that gay marriage should appear in our legal code.

Think. Do you have a working knowledge of marriage, and arguments for or against changing the legal definition?

Act. However you speak about this issue, I encourage you to do so in love and without calling names. It is possible to disagree without vilifying the opposition!



  1. Joel Helbig says:

    I respectfully disagree with everything you’ve written.

    1. Just because someone disagrees with your opinions, it does not mean they haven’t thought objectively about the subject. On the contrary, I see that you have let fear form your opinions on this subject as shown in comment #2, also know as “The Slippery Slope Arguement”. Which brings me to…

    2. When women were given the right to vote (also objected against by many religious figures of the time), this same argument was used. What’s next? Apes? Dolphins? Why is it up to the group being given rights to prevent other unqualified groups from being given those same rights? In this country, we have always moved forward with these cases on an individual group basis thus invalidating the slippery slope argument.

    3. The practical definition of family has been changed for decades. Due to unexpected death, divorce, incarceration, addiction issues, etc., the concept of the one man/one woman family has been falling to the wayside. When this happens, many family members step into the breach and take on the very serious responsibility of raising children that are not their own. Grandparents. Aunts. Uncles. Neighbors. They then form very loving units that are no more or less loving than your own family. Is it right that they, by your own formal definition, are not a family because they are not one man & one woman? Of course not. So then just because they’re gay, they don’t deserve this title and the legal protections that go along with it?

    Kevin, I feel like you are a genuinely kind person with nothing but kindness in your heart for others, but you have let fear lead you on this subject. I challenge you to go out of your way to get to know some of the non- traditional families in your area, both homosexual and heterosexual. Make yourself uncomfortable. It will change your perspective on gay marriage, the definition of what a family is, and open your eyes to the love that so many loving Christians are against. Guaranteed.

    • Joel, I welcome your input and the respectful manner in which you’ve given it. I appreciate your kind words. A couple clarifications: First, my point about thinking was not to label all who think different than me as irrational. My concern is for Christians who are driven primarily by emotion and haven’t given the energy to really think why they agree or disagree. Second, regarding the slippery slope, I do understand the sentiment against me making the point. But, if marriage can be re-defined once, logic tells me it can be re-defined again. Regarding interacting “outside my comfort zone”, I live in a difficult neighborhood and have interacted first hand with many in non-traditional families. I am able (at least I think so!) to treat people with respect regardless of whether I believe the lifestyle they’re living is sinful. I definitely believe Scripture speaks to what is best for family arrangements and I don’t hesitate to lovingly and respectfully help people think on those points.

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