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Friday Feature 5.30.14 – 15 Ways to Exasperate Your Children

This week’s most clicked article from Monday’s post can be found here:

15 ways to exasperate your children.

Most people don’t wake up looking to exasperate their kids; conversely, the Bible commands against it.

So, if we unintentionally exasperate our children, how? The article featured today shows some things that are unintentional; some are intentional.  Here’s what I found most challenging:

1. Many of these are the result of communication breakdowns between parents.

It takes a lot of energy for parents to be on the same page with how they’re going to discipline. And yes, each child has some things about them that are unique and may require specific approaches.

The encouragement? Talk often and openly, and be sure to communicate to your children HOW they will be disciplined.

2. The Gospel is so important.

You could be a parenting expert, and without the Gospel it would all be about you. The goal is for the truth of Jesus Christ to be available, modeled, and taught to our children. If we parent in ways that show we rely on the same grace we’re trying to show them, then we’re on the right track.

3. Repent!

I can’t be the only parent who read this and felt like a failure. I love the author’s call to genuine repentance. I don’t think repentance is a one time event. I think it’s a journey where we continually come to Jesus and ask Him to help us become more like Him.

We must trust in the grace of Jesus in all areas of life, especially parenting.

Think. Which of these stood out to you?

Act. Ask God to lead you and give you grace. Communicate to your spouse and children what your expectations are. Let your kids know you love them.

“‘Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.” – Amazing Grace

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