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Friday Feature 5.29.15 – Abuse and Easy Forgiveness


The topic eludes our understanding. So, no surprise at the curiosity this week over an article with this title:

Josh Duggar and the Problem of Easy Forgiving

Monday’s most clicked link turns into Friday’s Feature article most weeks here at my blog. So, after you’ve read through the featured article, see a few of my own thoughts:


It’s hard to organize many thoughts on this, so a few bullet points will suffice:

  • Victims in these situations will often take years if not the rest of their lives to process and deal with these types of events.
  • We don’t often know how to care for victims well because it just makes us uncomfortable and we want “normal” to return.
  • I do believe people who commit these acts can move on with their lives in a healthy way. But repentance must be a part of that path.
  • Without true repentance, the application of the grace of God, it’s all a show.
  • Hope. Hope for both victims and abusers alike. No situation befalls us as humans that proves more overwhelming than the hope we find in the cross of Jesus Christ.
  • Many criminals living life sentences have found full freedom in Jesus – we must believe this is possible for them as much as it is for the victims.

Think. What are your attitudes toward abusers and victims? What does the word “repentance” mean when you hear it?

Act. Condemn wrong. Show love. Give space and time. Encourage healing. Point to Christ.

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