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Friday Feature 5.23.14 – I Long for That Church

This isn’t meant to compare one church against another, so if you read this looking for reasons to boast (or complain) about your church, you’re about to be disappointed.  Today, I’m featuring a very simple quote about evangelism and it can be found here:

I long for that church.

This brief quote challenged me on two specific points: celebration and heroism.

In culture, and often the church, celebrations and heroes are defined loosely.  This quote defines a biblical church with the right kind of celebrations and heroes.

Celebrations are because people are learning that sharing their faith is so exciting. Other types of celebrations aren’t wrong. Churches celebrate births, birthdays, special praises, passing of seasons in people’s lives, etc. Those are great things and show much of what God has done.

But, they are by themselves NOT eternal. I love to celebrate when people catch the desire to share their faith with others.

Heroes: when you hear the word, you usually think of your favorite superhero, right? Sure. Heroes are bold, daring, courageous. Another common use is real life “heroes” who risk their lives to save others, such as rescuers and military personnel. But in this quote, heroes are people who are willing to risk their reputation for saying that Jesus is true. That’s eternally heroic because they’re willing to die to self out of love for their Savior.

I long for more and more of this in the church I lead. I, with the author, long for churches everywhere to experience these types of celebrations and heroes.

Think. Do these definitions of celebrations and heroes challenge you?

Act. Stop longing to be that kind of church. Start living it out for Jesus and strengthen the local church!

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