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Friday Feature 5.20.16 – Good Thoughts On Kids and Screen Time


Every Monday I post articles. One of those gets more clicks than the others. That one makes for that week’s Friday Feature!

Today’s feature: Why Referring to “Screen Time” May Not Be Helpful to You or Your Kids.

As always, I urge you read the article if you didn’t on Monday.

Then, also as always, let me add a few thoughts here:

1. The best point?

Consumption or no? What a good way to evaluate technology. Consuming can, well, consume lots of time in the pursuit of often mindless entertainment. Technology can find use in creating – art, photo work, video, learning, etc. Not all screen time is equal.

This one helped me think through what I really want to regulate as a parent, and what I want to encourage.

2. Time in general.

Time in general can be measured by producing or consuming. Obviously a life spent consuming entertainment of pleasure sounds great, but can lead to apathy and laziness pretty quickly.

As summer approaches, I know our home will have some good discussions about producing vs. consuming.

Think. What percentage of time consuming is too much for the average kid?

Act. Will you join me in thinking of ways to ensure both “technology time” and time in general is well spent?


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