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Friday Feature 5.2.14 – Christ Is Still Renewing Cities

Have a great read of a great article with a great topic. This topic and title were most clicked from Monday’s post:

Jesus is still renewing cities.

After you’ve read the article, here are a few thoughts:

1. We rely on ourselves way too much.

A lot of Christians would really have a hard time believing this could happen. Also, a lot of Christians would have a difficult time participating in this due to . . .

2. A narrow view of Christianity.

Many times we put God in theological or denominational boxes in which He simply doesn’t belong. There are times to fight over theology, don’t get me wrong. But, many of those times are NOT when we think we should.

3. Application. Even if you’re not a ministry leader.

How would city officials be put on notice if people from our churches simply began praying for them, communicating with them, talking with them and finding out how to pray and support?

Maybe we could offer to clean up abandoned properties, meet needs at schools, get approved to take care of orphaned children, serve the elderly, or help in other practical ways.

I simply think we underestimate God too much and pollute too much of our thinking about leaders we disagree with. Articles like this go a long way in showing what love and prayer can do.

Think. How do you limit what you think God could do in your community?

Act. How will you work to be a positive presence for Jesus in your community?

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