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Friday Feature 5.15.15 – Wow! To A Book Review


I recently read a book review and it really caught my attention. It apparently caught yours too. Today’s feature article is Monday’s most clicked link. Check it out here:

Side By Side by Ed Welch.

Check out the link. Better yet, read the book!

Just a couple comments:

1. The role of friends.

Sounds like this book will challenge our view of friends. Do we need experts? At times, yes, but friends play essential roles. My interest is piqued!

2. Inviting friends in.

I am very encouraged to hear an author taking on the task of helping people trust each other to share and attack problems together. Many times the easier thing to do is hide and play like everything is okay.

Think. Is it difficult for you to invite friends into your life? Further, do you view friends as people who can and will help you through your problems?

Act. Pray, open up. Pray and seek the right relationships for God to help you through your trouble. And, oh yeah…read the book and not just the review!

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