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Friday Feature 5.13.16 – Discipling Children



Read the article from Monday which got the most clicks:

Bringing Our Children to Jesus

Once you’ve read it, check out a few of my thoughts below.

1. Exposure to God’s Word

I’m glad for the emphasis on exposing kids to God’s Word. Parents can employ any number of tactics fold this into family life. Any way possible, let your kids know you’re serious about God’s Word!

2. Simple.

None of the rest of the suggestions exactly blow one’s mind, do they?

The indication? Discipling happens more due to intentionality than the greatest program. Christians have proven their effectiveness to package and market models for discipleship. Simple intentionality in many cases will do just as well.

Think. How has home influence shaped you? How is it shaping your family?

Act. Well…implement any of the suggestions in this article!

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