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Friday Feature 4.3.15 – Captive to Terrorists


Life as a captive to terrorists? Awful, as we could imagine. This week’s most clicked link from Monday’s post tells part of the story. Check out the article here:

Life as a Boko Haram Captive.

After you check out the article, below see a few of my own thoughts:

1. Evil is real.

In the west we don’t experience this type of evil very often. Stories like this and accounts of terror filtered to us via media outlets give us the cold truth: evil is real and others around the world experience it in difficult ways.

2. The human spirit is resilient.

I am very impressed with the resiliency of the human spirit. Stories like this encourage me. It seems as if giving up would be a strong option; not so for some of the captives.

3. If Christians were doing this . . .

A popular storyline is to promote fear of Christians and our Bible-believing ways. But, these religious extremists are kidnapping and killing people. I just shake my head that the outrage against this isn’t higher among Western cultures.

Think. How do you think about evil, resiliency, and outrage against terrorism?

Act. Absent the ability to fund specific ministries (although in some situations you CAN link up with regional ministries in the Mid-East), prayer is our most effective action point. Increasing volume of concern calls and letters to congressmen and women could also be an option.

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