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Friday Feature 4.29.16 – Listen to Small Church Pastors


So Friday Feature finally returns. I’m hoping to blog a little more consistently now that some major calendar mile markers are in rear view.

The most clicked article from Monday’s post?

Listen to the Little Guy Too.

Please read the article. Then check out a few of my own thoughts:

1. Disclaimers help.

To see Wilson’s disclaimer prevents the reader from making unfair assumptions.

2. I disagree with some of the points.

I know he warns of using generalizations. But from my view the generalizations defeat the purpose of the disclaimers. Hard for me to get past. Shepherding, contentment, and what really matters can be found in all sizes of churches. Wilson seems to say they are more likely to be found in smaller churches. The best case is he really means they can be found where people don’t think they exist. It just doesn’t come across that way.

3. I agree…

differences exist. Different sizes of churches can meet different needs. I think small church pastors should be encouraged. The average evangelical should know more about the culture of the average small church they don’t attend. Leaders of smaller churches can definitely give a different perspective, often helpful.

Think. If you attend a larger church, can you say good things about people and leaders at small churches? Or, if you attend a smaller church, can you speak with graciousness about larger churches?

Act. If the answers to the above questions

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