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Friday Feature 4.25.14 – I’m Glad People Clicked On This Article

I really am glad people took me up on reading this article, even though I told them they wouldn’t want to. So, I’ll feature it on Friday since it was the highest clicked link from Monday’s post.

Please read here so you can have an idea what goes on in places we don’t want to talk about.

After you’ve read the article, here are a few comments.

1. Do we not care because we can’t see it?

What if this happened on your street and you knew about it? Would you do something? I wonder often times if the lack of caring about abortion in our society by all of us (notice I said “us”) who say we care is because it’s hidden and somehow not as real to us.

2. If you favor abortion, how do you answer?

It continues to totally baffle me how any human being could know the types of things described here are true and think it’s a matter of freedom. Please, I urge you, re-consider your position if you think abortion is a matter of freedom.

3. Forgiveness is available.

If you have had an abortion, forgiveness is available. It’s not an unforgivable sin, and Jesus died to forgive you. He CAN make you whole and help move on what is nothing less than a traumatic experience for many involved. Testimonies are available online in places like this.

Think. Do you care about things like this going on?

Act. Get involved. I won’t do an exhaustive list of ways to get involved, but do something. Use your voice, offer to help those considering abortion, or support those who do offer such help.

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