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Friday Feature 4.24.15 – The Power of the Bikini


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That’s what the author of this week’s most-clicked link (from Monday’s post) would like for her son when it comes to bikinis.

Click here to see Rebecca Davis’ article “The Power of the Bikini”.

After you read the article, check out a few of my own thoughts here:

1. The author asks people to think about their behavior.

In this crazy world of freedom, she is actually asking people to think about their behavior. Imploring people to think before they put on a bikini sounds completely ludicrous, but I think it’s bold. Do I think it will change what people do? No, and she probably doesn’t either. But asking people to think is great.

2. She rightly points to parenting as “day by day”.

She’s not claiming to have all the answers. This article has enough information to encourage conversation. This isn’t a “loudest voice wins” type of article. She knows her son, knows his potential weaknesses (especially as he grows) and values the journey.

3. The honor and shame contrast bears noting.

We can shame people into doing all kinds of things. Good behavior in children tied to honor and value provides a far better alternative to shaming.

As a parent, I need to hear the basic approach and healthy effort of fellow believing parents. This article hopefully makes you think too.

Think. How do you help your children navigate a world in which they see all sorts of things you don’t want them to see?

Act. Act with grace, communication, and reliance on God to be your help. I think when kids see humility mixed with effort in their parents it’s easier to develop a moldable spirit themselves.

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