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Friday Feature 4.10.15 – We’re Like Cold Case Killers


Every Friday, I feature the article that go the most clicks from Monday’s post. This week, the most clicked article compares humans to cold case killers. Not a fun analogy, but worth the read.

How cold case killers confirm the Biblical description of humans.

Once you read the article, below see a couple points I’d add.

1. Maybe you’re not a killer . . . 

But this article does a great job of challenging how evil our thoughts and actions can turn. Quickly. This could serve as a good challenge for us to stop comparing ourselves to those with “worse” sins and check our heart instead.

2. Only Jesus.

Only Jesus can fix our problems. We should stop hiding our sins, repent, and trust further in Him each and every day to help us put sin to death and become more like God all the time.

Think. What sins do you hide?

Act. Confess sin, take it to God, and allow others to encourage you as you seek to grow closer to Jesus.


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