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Friday Feature 4.1.16 – Rebuking and Challenging


This article takes this week’s spot as Friday Feature. It got the most clicks of the articles I posted Monday.

Four Ways Leaders Should Rebuke and Challenge

Even though the article is directed at leaders, anyone would benefit by reading it.

Let me add a few of my own thoughts:

1. I love the point about addressing things and moving on.

When you address a problem you show someone that you value them enough to prevent bitterness from building up over time. This lesson benefits anyone in any situation. Take heed!

2. God wants us to lovingly confront.

Loving confrontation gets a bad rap in this cantankerous society we live in these days. Put another way, it can be tough to work through a resolution process without feelings getting hurt or unnecessary escalation.

But, just because everyone likes to throw a fit, call names, or refuse to take criticism doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. We should! Why?

Not only because God said so (yes, that is reason enough). Let me add also: it works! When you show people you love them and can confront them in a way that doesn’t alienate them, the confrontation actually makes the relationship stronger by building trust.

It sounds backward, but it really does work.

Think. Can you accept rebuke or challenge from someone else? Why or why not?

Act. I don’t think these need to become our favorite or most-looked-forward-to times, but we should certainly embrace any time someone loves us enough to challenge us or offer correction.

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