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Friday Feature 3.7.14 – Ending Slavery – Two Things to Do

This week’s most clicked article from Monday’s post? It’s about ending slavery, and it’s very challenging. And, it’s brief!

Check out this week’s feature article about ending slavery.

After you’ve read it, here are a couple thoughts:

1. Couldn’t agree more with the link between slavery and porn.

Without slavery, pornography (perhaps especially child porn) would not be the industry it is. If you watch pornography, you must think that the people you watch are someone’s children (adult child or younger).  And, you must consider what has happened to those individuals to get them to that point.

Would anyone like to argue that the majority of them (especially kids) are there by choice?

2. Doesn’t everyone need more resource?

Yes and no. A lot of ministries could get by on less. It would mean less staff, some less programming, etc. Those seeking to end slavery are different. It costs money to go to court, advocate for the enslaved, provide for their needs, get them a job so it doesn’t happen again. I can’t imagine a scenario in which it could cost less to end slavery.

Think. Are you aware of slavery in America and around the world?

Act. Take the suggestions in this article. They’re good enough!

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