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Friday Feature 3.6.15 – Creation In Six 24-Hour Days?


Can you arrive at a Scriptural position of creation taking place in six 24-hour days? Readers this week wanted to find out. Here is this week’s most-clicked article from Monday’s post:

Young Earth from Genesis One?

After you’ve read the article, see a couple of my own thoughts below:

1. Just because Scripture doesn’t say it . . . 

Doesn’t mean it’s not true. We CAN take the Bible at its word, even if it doesn’t tell us the specific year of creation. The relation to the doctrine of the Trinity is very helpful.

2. It really matters what you think.

Does the Bible include history, or is it just there to teach theological truth?

Do the words the original writers used matter, or are we free to interpret them based on things man found out later (after the Spirit stopped inspiring Scripture?)

These questions cut to the core of our belief. I invite you to wrestle with what you believe about the Bible and why. This article helps give you some good starting places.

3. For me . . .

A high view of Scripture is required. A Scripture that is loose with details of Creation very easily becomes loose with morality and ultimately salvation.

These things are beyond my scope; thus I’m happy to trust God’s Word and believe that “day” means “day”. I’m happy to trust God’s Word which says believing Jesus is the only way to God (John 14:6). I believe they go hand in hand. Messing around with these doctrines lessens the power of the other.

That’s my testimony. I’ll blare it loudly.

Think. Think about your view of this issue and Scripture in general.

Act. Continue your reading and thinking. If Scripture is God’s Word through and through, is it an active and growing part of your life?

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