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Friday Feature 3.4.16 – Is Socialism Evil?


Is socialism evil? Good question. Monday’s readers must have found the question provoking as well. They made it the top clicked link from Monday’s post, which means it now becomes Friday’s feature article.

Check out the article here: Socialism is evil.

I’d love for you to check the article out. I’ll post some additional thoughts below.

1. Compulsory.

That’s a fancy word which means someone forces you to do something. Socialistic governments steal from workers by forcing them to meet other people’s needs with the fruit of their labor.

Many people have no issue with helping others. The simple distinction lies in the fact that choice should dominate whether one participates or not.

2. The value of work.

Anyone in today’s U.S. political climate should assess what the value they place on work. Should hard work merit one’s ability to earn more?

Socialism clearly says no, therefore squelching the desire to work as the author pointed out.

If the government offers free benefits, where do those benefits come from? How you answer that question means a lot in the scope of things.

Think. Do you see the difference between choosing to help others and having the government force you to do it? Do you think the term “evil” fits, or does something a little less harsh fit better?

Act. Vote appropriately! And, as the author said, pray for deliverance from it!

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