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Friday Feature 3.27.15 – 8 Myths About Education


The most clicked link from Monday’s post made me think a lot about education. It apparently made you think too. Here it is:

8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness by Mark Phillips.

Please read the article to gain the author’s perspective.

Then, here are a few of my own thoughts:

1. Whatever your view, can we all admit that evaluating educational outcomes is a complex process?

Limited thinking really hurts such important and necessary public discourse. Especially on topics such as education, evaluating all education through your location, context, or experience misses the larger complexities.

2. Money matters?

I was honestly surprised to hear that some people thought money didn’t matter in education. Of course it matters. The more money in a district, the more fully rounded an education experience can be.

3. The church is guilty of #4 at times.

Read the point and then compare it to our attitude as believers. We must think about context and dynamics without trying to take a cookie cutter approach – either to education or ministry!

Think. Did these myths challenge you? Does it lead you to want to research these claims more fully?

Act. Applying these truths about education can encourage us to avoid making mistakes by looking too narrowly at other life endeavors such as relationships, faith, and church. Another great specific action step would be to talk to an educator and see what they think about the article.

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