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Friday Feature 3.21.14 – Should You Borrow From Your Family?

It’s a great question. The article with the most clicks from Monday’s post answers this way:

Never, ever, ever borrow money from family.

After you’ve check out the article, here are a few comments:

1. Do the arguments make sense?

If not, start over, and go back until they do. Lending money to family or friends DOES put a strain on those relationships. I can speak this first hand. We will not lend money to anyone in the future as a result.

2. Just because it’s worked . . . 

This article argues against it because God’s Word says it. I happen to think that’s a good stance to take. What’s missing in this article, however, is . . .

3. An alternate solution?

What is the alternate solution? What should a parent or friend do when they want to help someone out? I mentioned that we will not be lending anyone money, but you could GIVE money.

So, for us, here’s how it generally works:

The approach: Can I borrow x amount?

Our reply: We don’t lend anyone money. I might be willing to give you the help you need or find a specific need I can meet.

The response: “I’ll pay you back I promise.”

Our reply: We don’t care if you pay us back. We’re not helping you so you’ll be indebted to us. If you pay back, that’s your business. But it won’t affect our relationship.

Does this work? Well, I’d say yes. We are able to release any potential frustrations and pray that the money would be used in the best way. Do they ever pay it back? Yes, sometimes they do. Thanks for asking!

Think. How will you approach it when someone asks to borrow money?

Act. Know your approach and be faithful. Loaning money is a real danger to be avoided.


  1. Brian Jewell says:

    You’re right, Kevin, I didn’t present the giving alternative in my
    article. That is the best way to go, and I think it reflects God’s true
    heart in helping people who need it. Thanks for sharing my ideas and
    adding your thoughts to bring more completion to the discussion!


    • KevinBurkholder says:


      Thanks for chipping in on this. I get a lot of spam comments so I must have missed yours in the middle. I certainly enjoy your blog. Readers of my blog definitely check out your articles when I post them. Thanks for what you do!

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