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Friday Feature 2.28.14 – Nine Things to Know About Marriage In America

This article is part of a series worth reading. But marriage is the focus of this one and it caught the most attention from Monday’s post. Read it here:

Nine things you should know about marriage in America

As always, please check the article out if you haven’t yet.  After that, here are a few thoughts:

Married later because . . . 

Well, because it’s not valued. When T.V. shows, movies, etc. portray  marriage as something that is simply a convenience, what do you expect to happen? In a culture that portrays marriage this way, I’m surprised the age of marriage isn’t higher.

Children are a convenience too.

Again, this doesn’t apply to everyone. But it makes sense. If you don’t value the commitment to marriage, why on earth would you complicate your self-focused view of life and relationships by adding children?


As I challenged Monday, don’t use the facts in #9 about education and family background to think that those without it won’t succeed. Know that if you’re working with people in marriage who have less of those common success factors, then the efforts may be more frustrating and require more diligence.

Marriage: always worth it, because it glorifies Jesus!

Think. Is there anything in this article that surprised you?

Act. Healthy marriages lead to healthy families with people fulfilling the roles God intended them to have. Pray for marriage and strive to help those in marriage stay encouraged!

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