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Friday Feature 2.27.15 – The Most Tolerated Sin


Why not one more picture of a food? The most tolerated sin in America is gluttony. This article drew the most interest from my Monday post.

Check out the article by clicking here.

Maybe you were curious when you clicked, but it’s a serious issue nonetheless. After you’ve read the article, read a couple of my thoughts:

1. As with most things, it’s not about the substance.

Instead, it’s about the heart. I’m glad the author points people in the direction of grace and worship.

This should encourage anyone who struggles with any problem. The goal is to “put on” different characteristics, developing the fruit of the Spirit. In order to do that, we must make different decisions, yes.

We must also rely on God and look at who or what we are really worshiping.

2. Communion in powerful.

Communion reminds us of Christ’s triumph over all sin. Using food to celebrate that triumph can speak specifically to us about His triumph over this specific sin.

The next time your church celebrates communion, use it as an opportunity to adjust your heart, your worship, and your sin. Trust Christ only, worship Him only!

Think. What is your approach to struggles with food?  Does this approach sound too spiritual to you?

Act. Think spiritually about all of life. Know that Jesus used food to point us to His grace, love, and triumph over sin. Ask God for more strength to honor Him in eating.

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