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Friday Feature 2.26.16 – Christians Should Avoid Watching Nudity


I wish I didn’t have to write about this type of stuff (or, better, feature other people’s articles about it).

The most clicked link from Monday’s post has to do with nudity on the screen:

Sex on the Silver Screen

The author, Tim Challies, makes some thought (and action) worthy arguments. After you’ve read his, check out a couple comments I’ll add:

1. Freedom can’t avoid facts.

I wonder sometimes if believers place too high a value on their freedom. Whatever freedom we may have, facts and risks of all sorts surely follow.

Alcohol? Tobacco? Believers love to tout their freedom to use such things. Are the treatments of the warnings against freedom and how it can lead others astray just as strong?

2. How do we view people?

This point really made me think. Even though the stories represent fiction, the reality of the people involved should speak to us.

Someone’s daughter, son, spouse, etc. participates in these scenes. If I and other writers have applied that logic to pornography, why not to racy scenes in movies or even T.V. shows?

We should view people as more than a means to make the next entertainment dollar.

Think. Do you have a personal conviction about what you watch on T.V?

Act. You can always find out what’s in a movie or T.V. show before you watch it.

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